Thursday, 22 May 2014

Doctor, doctor... - pretend play 1.

E. has just turned 2 and in the last couple of months she has started to take pleasure in playing role-plays.
The followings are her favourite:

  • doctors
  • vets
  • cooking
  • tea party
  • shopping
  • sleeping
  • little house

First, I'd like to post about playing doctors.

Playing doctors:

In February I bought an issue of Dora, the Explorer magazine (in Hungarian). It always includes some toys and this time it was a doctor's case, a stethoscope, and a syringe. At first, she wasn't interested but around March she started to walk around with the stethoscope in her neck and giving injections to all the stuffed animal and our dog too.

We made her Teddy, Eric, Susie doll and Rabbit sit on the sofa; that was the waiting room. One by one she examined them saying:
- E. is examining Eric.
- Let's take Teddy's temperature.
- Breathe in, breath out.
- Thermometer goes in the armpit.
 - Open your mouth wide.
- Eric has fever.

a spatula is also added to the kit

taking Teddy's temperature

open wide!

Then three weeks ago our dog got ill and we needed to go to the vet several times. E. came once and she was absolutely fascinated. The vet at Gizmók veterinary was amazed how clever and interested she was :)
She wanted to know every utensil in the surgery, looked at our dog's X-ray photo, she checked some new born kittens and their mommy. She got a little frightened when the parrot screeched but she was also so engrossed with it she couldn't take her eyes off the bird. The vet was so kind that E. could borrow the doctor's case from the waiting area until the next morning (when our dog had to be taken back for another X-ray). As soon as we got home E. opened the doctor's case and examined the dog (again... poor thing).
She (and I, as well) learned a lot of new phrases both in Hungarian and in English (reflex hammer, otoscope, forceps, tweezers, bandage)

let's check his reflex.
listening to doggie's heart beat
examining Daddy - multi-tasking :)
Unfortunately we do not have a nice doctor's case with several tools (though I added a Nurofen tube, green mask, some bandage and plasters), we really need to buy a proper one together with a white doctor's coat. I've already prepared some flashcards on the topic but they are not finished yet.

So to finish with, here's a Doctor, doctor joke:
- Doctor, doctor, I keep thinking I'm a caterpillar.
- Don't worry, you'll soon change :D
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