Thursday, 19 May 2016

Month of goodbyes - our nanny is leaving too

Farewells follow one another. In the middle of May our American nanny has left us, too. She's spent just a few months with us still her native presence can be felt on E.' s English improvement.

E. mixed in a lot of Hungarian at the beginning. After a few weeks she did not try to talk to L. in Hungarian; she ran to me instead and asked me if an English word for something didn't come to her mind.

We also prepared a little farewell present for L. as well.

L. helped E.'s creative side to soar; they drew a lot together, we did some flower crafts, they also created their own planet. The tally mark race was one of their own inventions.

We used most of the drawings and other colouring sheets they did together and I printed some pictures I'd taken while they were playing. Out of all these we put together a little memory booklet for L. to take it home with herself.

I'll let the pictures speak for themselves:

E. coloured the farewell note for L., too

L. is looking at the cover of the booklet that E. decorated with stickers
The snowdrop craft we made together

The "Lemia" planet they made up 

Secret Garden colouring page

 E. got some small presents from L. Some candies, a pup and two little figurines: a dolphin and a parrot.

Thanks L. for being with us. Take care and good luck wherever life takes you. We'll miss you.

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