Tuesday 17 May 2016

Goodbye, Ms R. - a farewell note

Another heart-rending event has entered our lives. E.'s English speaking nursery teacher is leaving the nursery this May.

Ms R. was great with the kids. She's taught them tons of English rhymes and songs. With her help the kids have made a great number of art and craft projects in English, too. She's been always full of life and had a smile both for the children and the parents. (It was rather strange that Mini Klub nursery did not organise any farewell party for her... actually we were not officially informed about Ms. R.'s leaving. She herself told the parents. But this is another matter.)

We are really sorry that she's leaving (for Ireland - good for her). This is the way we said good-bye to Ms R.

I printed a Farewell note (click on the link to download it) and E. coloured the animals. While colouring we were talking about these funny phrases that can be said instead of good-bye. She herself signed her name at the bottom and added some heart.

When I was in Ireland bought a really good guidebook and I thought Ms. R. would make a good use of it so together with E.'s good-bye note we put it in a gift back.

On her last day E. said good-bye to her in a sweet and shy way:

Bye, bye Ms R. Good luck in Ireland! We'll miss you!

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