Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Earth Day 3.0 - sticky Earth

Today we have made another fun Earth related activity:

It was a sudden idea so I didn't do the preparation myself. It was a real whole-family task.

What you need:

- contact or sticky paper (here in Hungary you can buy it as the sticky cover for school books)
- green and blue crepe paper
- scissors
- permanent marker (preferably blue)

Optional for the letters:

- green cardboard strips

While I was drawing the continents on the transparent side of the sticky paper my dear family were cutting the crepe paper into tiny pieces. Then we fixed the sticky sheet on the wall and pulled the paper off.

Sticking could start. Green went on the land and blue on the seas and oceans.

It took a while and we needed to help E. She wouldn't have had patience and persistence to do it all alone.

When we finished, E. stuck the letters up. We directed her how to put the letters. Although we did this activity in Hungarian I chose to put on the English word for our planet as it would have been awfully difficult to cut out the accents in 'FÖLD' in Hungarian.



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