Monday, 3 August 2015

Journal for 3-year olds

E. got a journal for her name day in July. At first, she wasn't very interested, but now she is getting the hang of it. I presented her with a journal because I want her to draw more, which she doesn't like much. Secondly, we are a journal writing family, and I only hope she'll join the club.

I got some journal ideas on pinterest, some of which I've collected in a new board.

So here it is what E.'s first journal look like:

the cover
I simply bought a cheap notepad with thicker sheets in it as I don't want markers to leave a stain on several pages. I covered the top with blue cardboard and stuck felt letters on it. (Actually, her first task was to stick letter E in the front. As you see it's a little crooked :)  )

Some ideas are taken from Teaching 2 & 3 year olds

There are some drawing, sticking and tracing pages.

I also added pages like "Draw your Mommy" or " Draw a picture of you". But she hasn't had any intention to look at those pages.

She was much more interested in the numbers and letters.

I was also influenced by Mama.Papa.Bubba blog journaling idea.

Aaaand (beat of a drum) her first drawing of a lovely weekend memory:

I wrote next to the drawing what she said was memorable for her. (Mommy and Daddy were made by me). I would have been so happy if she'd drawn  a picture of her name day party, but she refused. (although it was a wonderful party with 2 of her friends from the nursery, anyway...)

I really hope this will be a successful project in the long run and she'll embrace this sort of memory collection. Fingers crossed. I'll come back with some more feedback on journal writing.

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