Wednesday, 2 December 2015

Book Advent Calendar

Like last year we'll have a book advent calendar, however, this year I managed to put together more Christmassy books than last year. And there are some surprises among the 24 books... read on to find out what they are.

I always go to second-hand toy shops which also offer English children books at a very low price. All through the year I've been collecting these books (some of them we had last year too) I wrapped them in red and green paper and stacked them up like a Christmas tree:

 Here is the list of the books:
  1. Dear Santa

  2. A busy Christmas (board book)
  3. Mr Men - 12 Days of Christmas
  4. Mr Christmas
  5. Little Miss Christmas
  6. Here comes and Angel
  7. Dora Starry Christmas
  8. The Manger
  9. The Gingerbread Man (Ladybird)
  10. The Nutcracker (Usborne)
  11. Snappy Little Christmas (pop-up book)
  12. Reindeer- a Christmas Story
  13. Clifford's First Christmas
  14. Maisy makes gingerbread
  15. The very first Christmas (Beginner's Bible)
  16. The night before Christmas
  17. A Christmas Hug (Marks and Spencer)

    I also included books on some of E.'s favourite topics:
  18. The Little Brainwaves investigate... The Human Body
  19. It's so unfair (illustrated by Jonathan Allen - author of I'm not reading, I'm not cute, I'm not scared)
  20. I like it when... (Mary Murphy)

    And 2 books in Hungarian 
  21. Zelk Zoltán: Karácsonyi ének
  22. Télország (Lili és Lala versei)

    And the surprise books ... on a new born baby
  23. The New baby
  24. Za-za's baby brother (by Lucy Cousins)

Yesterday we opened the first one: Busy Christmas - a tiny board book with rhymes about the preparations for Christmas. I needed to read it twice. E. wanted to open the Advent book first, rather than the Activity Calendar. I'll write a post about that one too.

Today we've read the second one from the top of the pile: Little Miss Christmas - it wasn't so very well welcome but E. liked it. The story is about Little Miss Christmas going on holiday before Christmas and leave her brother, Mr Christmas and uncle,Father Christmas finish the wrapping of  all the presents. Of course, they couldn't get ready in time. But Little Miss Christmas saves the day with a brilliant idea.

Would you like to get short reviews of the Advent Books we'll be reading?

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