Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Christmas tree - fail

I had another Christmas tree craft on mind through which we could have practised some English and had fun. Well, E. wasn't in the mood. At first...

Earlier I read about a Jen's Christmas tree decorating creative table and I thought it would have been great fun with E, too. I was wrong...

I found a Christmas tree template online and I cut 4 pine trees out of green construction paper. I also prepared different kinds of decorations: cotton wool balls, beads, mosaics, stars, buttons, pipe cleaners, tinsel etc.

This scene welcomed E.:

I thought she'll be over the moon if she can use the glue and stick like millions of shiny decorations onto the Christmas tree.

At the beginning she enjoyed it, but wasn't so much interested. I was trying to talk about the cotton wool balls and the shiny starts of two kinds; silver and gold. But, very unlike her, she was speechless.

She did a little gluing...
The dark green tree is what I made

but she ended up like this:

Well, maybe it wasn't such a good idea. I should have come up with a snowmen or a snowflake art project. She might have had enough of Christmassy crafts. But I loved the idea about talking about how the angels decorate the Christmas tree, what the texture of different decorations feels like, what shapes they have (round, square, star-shaped), counting bead and button baubles and sticking on tinsel...

I still love this activity... she doesn't. At first I was disappointed, then I just needed to accept this is not so much fun for her. So I packed everything away and I've already started to think about some snowy projects.

Then much to my surprise, the next day she was looking for the blank Christmas trees: - Where are the Christmas trees we made? Where are the empty ones?
I was more than happy to serve her with the set... but you need to wait for the next blog post to find out about its outcome.

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