Monday, 1 December 2014

Goodbye, A. - our nanny is leaving

It's been 23 months with her. It's more than I've ever dreamt of. A special bond has been formed among us. But now our native nanny is leaving. It is difficult for all of us.

I'd like to pay tribute to our time together with this post.

We met A. in January 24, 2013 for the first time. E. was only 8 months old. The last 23 months have been full of great moments. Here is a collection of our memories:

Flashcards - E. is 11 months old

We had some lovely trips like to the zoo:

Look, a butterfly

Flamingos - E. is 15 months old 

on the way to the park

The usual question: "What's this?"

We've done it!
A great birthday party:

Story time - reading together:

Story box - Vet Vicky

Fun presents from A.:

Easter present: Bunny soap, bubble mixture, "headless" marzipan figurine ;)

Mini 3D animal kit
Solar system poster
A. could make a dog out of a balloon
and a flower
Fishing in a tub - Nőtincs Adventure Park

Our outings in Gödöllő and Nőtincs-Seholsziget:

A walk in the woods

Some educational activities with A.: (Video about the bottle cap calculator)

Making big numbers and basic additions

letter recognition with magnetic letters
Silhouettes and object matching game

And some crafts:

These are just a few of all the fun E. and, I can say, we all have had since A. was around. As for our language journey she was the best person we could meet. I hope we can stay in touch in the future too, as E. and A. has had a strong bond between them and I have to admit that she wasn't just a nanny, but has become a friend.

I wish her all the best wherever life will take her.

Good-bye cake

You will greatly be missed.

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