Tuesday, 2 December 2014

Snowflakes, snowmen and snowy activities

WOW I've just found a YEAR OLD post about a snowman activity. Now I've run through it and brushed it up. Here it is:

Snow hasn't arrived yet here in Hungary, but as the weather is quite chilly outside and it gets dark early, we spend more time indoors and on snowy crafts .

Snowmen out of cotton wool pads

What you need:
  • blue paper (construction paper or cardboard is better)
  • cotton wool balls
  • cotton wool pads
  • googly eyes
  • red and black beads (mine were too small, it's better to choose bigger pony beads)
  • sticks and/or cotton buds
  • black construction paper for the hats (I prepared them beforehand)
I'll let the pics talk for themselves:

We did a lot of talking about snowing (as well as body parts, colours and clothing) and after the activity we watched the Super Simple Song-Snowflake:

And then Frosty, the Snowmen, but this latter wasn't very popular with E.:

I'm planning more snowy activities with snowflakes and fake snow drawing. I hope we'll have time for them, too.

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