Friday, 22 April 2016

Earth Day Patterning - free printable

Celebrating our Planet on Earth Day (22 April) is a good occasion to have another patterning activity with the well-known symbols like the recycling sign, bins, bottles, newspaper, plants and the globe itself. In the past we did quite a lot of patterning activities on Valentine's Day or on St. Patrick's Day and it has always been a hit with E.

(The link to download the free printable is at the end of this post)

As soon as she saw the prepared material she sat down to work on it. First, we named what she can see in the picture. She could name them all. She didn't understand why there was a tree among the picture cards:

E.: - Why is the tree here?
M.: - Because they make the oxygen for us.
E.: - Yes, and we need air.

She didn't ask about the flower, though.
When she found the water drop picture, she simply stated: - We need water too.

She moved from the easier ABAB pattern... a little bit more difficult AABAAB and ABBABB patterns

We left the most difficult to the end: ABCABC But she enjoyed it very much, although it was hard for her to concentrate this long.

The four sheets were long enough for her. She didn't want to make her own patterns on the empty grid. Maybe at another time. But you can do it :)

Download the Earth Day pattern activity for free on this link. And have fun!

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